Thursday, December 10, 2009

Inability to Make Decisions

Make decisions and don't look back. The inability to decide is the inability to live for yourself.

The lack of decision making is the defeat of your plans. Wanderer's simply wander because either they do not know where they want to go or they did not decide where they want to go. The ability to make distinct decision's is a main point is success.

With the ability to make distinct decisions without looking back or second guessing gives one a sense of direction and confidence. The more confidence that is created increase's one energy and thus increasing their magnet inside with the law of attraction.

A simple answer of "I do not know" simply shows a person's lack of confidence with their self and and their ability. Make a decision and move forward... others will support you and more than likely they will follow you.

The B side tot he truth today is we are programmed and pattern to live life on default due to the lack of the ability to make decisions. Make it your decision to make decisions. As most individuals go through public school and then on to college they are never taught the skill of decision making. They can go two years and earn an associates degree in general studies without ever making the decision of what they want to study. They enter the work field not choosing what type of work or employer they want, yet what is readily available.

Action challenge today is decide on what you want in your life by deciding what you want to do today. I dunno not suggest that you map out every second of your day, yet start simple... next time someone ask's "where would you like to eat?" simply say the first thing that pop's in your head and go there.

As your ability to make decisions increases, the ability to have a life worth living increases and your development of personal leadership rises.

Colton - discover your true'ness'


  1. I completely agree, and thank you for pointing this out for me.. I was thinking it but didn't put it into words which filled in the gaps of understanding. ~_~ I realize now that spontaneity is confidence; the first choice to reveal itself is the choice most true with the person's actual desires. Why I could not come to this now obvious recollection earlier is beyond me. Perhaps it's because of this very fact.. I was always taught growing up that I should "think of the consequences before acting".. this golden-rule-like lesson now haunts my conscious as well as sub-conscious corridors. Everything is weighed alongside the possible outcome, or I allow others to make decisions. Simply going with the flow.. Thank you.

  2. When in all reality we should control the current, it's speed, direction, as well as the impact it has upon the world surrounding. Simply by allowing one's initial choice to drive their confidence and hence using the law of attration to an even greater advantage.